Sunday, March 14, 2010

Griswold Pop-over Pans

I did not know a whole lot about old cast iron when I bought these "muffin pans" back in the early 1990s.

It turns out they were called "Pop-over Pans" and they really aren't very old. The pan on the right is an actual Griswold. It was cast in Erie PA probably in the 1950s. The pan on the left has the markings of both Wagner Ware and Griswold so it was produced after the Wagner Mfg. Co. acquired Griswold in 1957. It was made using the same pattern, but was cast in Sidney OH in either the 1960s or early 1970s.

 As you can see the Griswold is a much nicer casting than the later Wagner made piece.

 Interior of the Wagner produced pan.

 Interior of the actual Griswold.

I think this post is a good illustration of why cast iron collectors regard the 1960s as a turning point. The quality of the cast iron produced before the sixties was simply better.


Chilebrown said...

Okay the Griswold looks cleaner. Is there a difference in cooking? I know that looks allful pretty.

Cal is up by 15 points at halftime.
Go Bears!

Greg said...

The Griswold releases muffins a hell of a lot better.

Cleans up easier too.

Andrea said...

I have an unmarked Wagner #12 skillet circa early 60s that is a joy to cook with. Not exquisite casting, but not bad either. It's still much, much better than any cast iron you can buy today.

Greg said...

Andrea - When you get a piece that works well, keep it.

Anonymous said...

So question...... is there a book, that shows the marks on cast iron and may lead me to being able to find out who made them. I have a grill pan it has 8 V and made in USA on the bottom and V on the handle, the Dutch Oven I have has 10 co MADE IN USA and D on the bottom, I think this is a LODGE but am not sure. I do know they are as smooth as silk on the inside and i wish all my cast iron was this way. If you know anything about the marks please e-mail me at of face book David Grover in Utah


Greg said...

See the books by David G. Smith in my Amazon store. They are the best I've seen.